KOPF HOCH, zum GLUECK und anderes

book w/ juergen wolf paintings in background

entrance to show






It is funny after showing the same work in two venues I still stick to my story. I thought the work would take on a new meaning or I would steal an idea I heard from someone else.

hermetically sealed books with Translator series in background
This project still offers the same messages. 1. We must slow down and appreciate our own lifes. Don't go Google every question but ask it amongst ourselves continue a dialog about art about politics about equality. 2. We need to constantly re-evaluate the pre-existing conditions of our society whether they are the norms and values systems or the way we treat each other.

3. We look as opposites as different and alarming, perhaps this installation can confirm opposites attract and we should embrace the fine or gross differences.









Translator Series 2004