50x50cm light boxes. Hand from Lucas from Leiden
Hands by Franco and Boucher
hands by VanHonthorst
Riot Police compliments of the City of Istanbul


It was a warm day in Istanbul. The morning haze had just cleared, when out of nowhere a group of riot police stormed the busy port. A small innocent girl was walking along the promenade unaware of the anticipated football crowds. Many of the people visiting this small port were equally unaware of the troubles to come.
The riot police were prepared for everything that a hooligan could start. What they did not expect was a photographer capturing their glares. The photographer was persuaded to cease and sent back to Europe on the next ferry.
Ignoring the schoolgirl in their attempts to terminate the photographing sends a message about our own decorum. The victim again had to fend for herself as a male dominated society often propagates. The actions of her attackers were easily to overlooked. The activity of a photographer was not.
Is it women’s fault for the male domination in our (art)HIStory?
Is she the willing participant in the molestation and objectification?
Can we permit the continuation of such behavior?
Is a place like Istanbul or for that matter Turkey any different than Europe?

Aren’t we perfect partners with a common HIStory?

This girl can wash off the drawings from these artists but can we close the book and ignore the inequality?

I would personally like to thank the artists Lucas from Leiden, Franco, Boucher, and VanHonthorst for their hand in this project :)