Current global events have again proven that Military and Economy are swallowing the influence of culture.

My project is a satirical look at the price we must pay for everything. The idea stems from one of the oldest advertising techniques. Window signs. Through such signs we are attracted into shops and stores and enticed to purchase, often mindless products. More often than not we have taken a trip to a store solely based upon the summer sales signs or the special offers stuck to the windows.

Part nostalgia part tradition I want to make consumers (passers-by) to re-evaluate where their thoughts and money are flowing. I would not only like to question our position in a global economy, but also our loss of attention span. We see a summer sale sign feel fortunate and go buy something. We hear of a war, protest for a day then go about our daily life most likely rewarding our ill feelings with a purchase.

Our time spent questioning our culture is also been shortened we often don’t want to be bothered with the time it takes to understand contemporary art. A sign is direct it saves the time we think we do not want to spend. Too often we waste our time as well as our money.

My intention is to ask the viewer for a quick reflection. The pieces are mounted (taped) to the inside of windows reflecting the viewer seeing himself or herself as an integral part of the installation. However at the time I wish to do a little self-reflection, therefore the signs are also diptychs. On one side exists the sign juxtaposed next to a street life photograph from many cities through Europe. The photographs reflect or play with the statement of the signs.

Communication between the sign and photo exists as does the communication with the viewer and finally it addresses an autobiographical story of my experience and perspectives as an American in Europe.

I wish not to make a protest but strive to tell a story in a way our cultures have done for centuries. Perhaps we will soon realize that we hold so many qualities within ourselves, we simply do not take the time to realize them.

If you would like to hang a sign in your town send me an e-mail and I will get a sign sent out to you.