Lambda 130


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Full continuous tone 50" - Large Format Digital Photo Printer

The evolution in imaging to unsurpassed large-format quality: Straight from a digital file, the Durst Lambda 130 can print any creation directly onto photographic media (reflective => paper / backlit => transparent or opaque film).

High End Imaging

The Durst Lambda 130 Large-Format Digital Laser Imager: the new standard for digital large-format reflective or backlit displays directly from file. It has moved digital imaging to an entirely new level. You'll get whites that are truly white and blacks that are absolutely black. Colors are unbelievably saturated and true to the original shot including fleshtones and bright colors. With the Durst Lambda, your digitally created or retouched images will accurately reflect the intentions of the photographer or graphic artist.

The unique and patented Durst Lambda continuous roll to roll 3-laser (RGB) exposure system for media widths up to 127 cm / 50" offers total size flexibility and achieves an image quality which is superior to all other large format printers - photographic, inkjet and electrostatic. The Durst Lambda 130 is the answer for efficient and fast large-format print production with uncompromising quality for:

  • exhibitions
  • fair stands
  • museums
  • illuminated displays

The key features

  • High image and text quality with clean grades
    Durst Lambda 130 combines the advantages of classical silver halide photography with the potential of the latest laser and digital technology, without an intermediate film stage - and without the compromises of CMYK output, This new technology offers superior color saturation and fidelty, better image quality, more details and sharper type than other alternatives (customer statement). It also provides a number of advantages over conventional enlargements, including improved image quality with no image distortion and no loss of image sharpness, perfect edge to edge sharpness and eveness, a reduction in time spent handling images, and a decrease in the cost of materials. The Durst Lambda 130 operates with a full 36-bit RGB color space (68 billion colors) to ensure excellent control over the light source and to produce faithful color reproductions.
  • Dual, autoswitchable resolution of 200 and 400 ppi
    Durst Lambda 130 features a dual, autoswitchable reolution of 200 and 400 continuous tone pixels per inch (ppi) with on-the-fly pixel interpolation. The 400 ppi continuous-tone resolution of the Durst Lambda 130 is comparable with a resolution of 4000 dpi of printers with half-tone dots.
  • High output speed
    Exposes all medias with the same high linear speed of 30cm / 12" per minute for both resolutions of 200/400 ppi for media widths up to 81.2 cm /32". Slightly lower speed of 21com /8" per minute for media widths wider than 81.2 cm /32" (400 ppi only). Compared with other digital systems the Lambda is "remarkably faster" (approx. 20 prints 100 x 130 cm / 40 x 50 in. per hour).
  • Print production without size limitations
    The fact that the Durst Lambda 130 has no print size limitations it can virtually generate any print size from icons to large murals (with auto- and custom paneling functions). One seamless print can be as long as one entire 127 cm/50 roll (50 m/164 ft). Print sizes exceeding the max. paper width are automatically divided-up and exposed in sections. Operator can select how oversized panels are split. The desired overlap is adjustable. This allows you offer new print sizes, create new and exiting products and to enter new market segments.
  • On-the-fly changes in print size, color and contrast
    In addition, the prints can be rotated, mirrored or cropped and corrected in sharpness, color, density and contrast without re-rasterizing the image (RIP).
  • Sharp images, text and graphics with exceptional details at full contrast
    The digital imaging technology ensures a constant pixel size and intensity over the entire image. The patented Durst continuous roll to roll laser exposing system ensures no parasite light during the exposure for perfect image white and highest contrast range.
  • Simple operation
    A clearly designed and easy-to-use interface guarantees truly simple operation.
  • Fast access to the printing media
    A 5-position paper turret for unexposed materials to allow a quick access to various materials (reflective and backlit materials, different paper widths, etc). The requested media can be menu-selected from the computer (Autoload-Function).
  • Open system
    Already existing files created with standard application programs (i.e. for Offset-Printing, advertisement, etc.) can be printed to any size on the Durst Lambda without modification.
    • Supported File Formats:
    • RGB- and Grayscale - TIFF
    • RGB- and Grayscale - JPEG
    • PostScript Level 2 (RGB, CMYK, EPS, etc.). Cheetah-RIP by Durst Dice America (Automatic conversion of CMYK to RGB during ripping)