I was asked to install these 3 light boxes measuring 40x40 cm in the front window of the Gallery 51 in Antwerp. The small boxes seemed to disappear in the huge window. Before I removed them and looked for another location the galerist suggested writing a text.
     He suggested I write about light. Since the entire series of ruins from Sicily came into being I was looking for text to go with my works. The fonts (I thought I saw), in the photos accentuated the beauty of type design. I considered many texts, poems, statements, even something comical when I realized that text (for me) was not about meaning but about design.
     In my case text had more to do with process than storytelling. Therefore the text I chose were the RGB hexadecimal values found in the different segments of the boxes. The resulting inscription not only fulfilled an installation problem but also made a connection between older and newer works that had never been linked so closely.