I have called these prints simply the Water Series. In retrospect they should be titled the Vacationing Series.

A cruise through the Turkish Riviera with six people. Rough seas, bad boat but an unbelievable vista best summarize the trip. All I wanted to do was take a few photographs. However the seas were too rough and I rarely use a tripod so I had to wait. Finally on the last day the weather broke and the seas settled.
I have yet to work so long on one photo but I also never waited so long to take one either!
Technically the negative is one continuous strip measuring 19cm.
There are a total of 5 exposures with the camera being held at 90 degree increments.
The negative was then scanned on a high resolution scanner to achieve a final dimension of 101x300 cm. Six individual images were then cropped out of the main negative. Using Photoshop the segment of the negative were filled (soft light fill) with 6 colors. The pieces were then printed on canvas using a Vutek inkjet printer.











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