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Reduce Reuse Recycle are words from one of my child's favorite songs. What does it mean in an election year? It stands for my principles and campaign thoughts for the Melrose Aldermanic election in 2007. It is simple.

Reduce the amount of waste whether it be within the cities programs or within our personal spaces.

Re-use what works in the city and make sure it continues on its successful way.

Recycle, of course, this has to do with our environment! Recycling as it is currently managed is not enough.
We need a better program one which spreads into our shops businesses as well as homes.
We need to broaden what we recycle when we recycle and where. Not only our scheduled bi-monthly program but one that is practiced daily.
We have all too often been taught that the best reason for recycling is to protect the next generation's planet. The time is now to act locally and think globally.

I come to this race not as an insider but as a fresh face with a different perspective.
My qualifications are simple I listen the rest I will learn. I taught myself two foreign languages after the age of 24.
Learning and listening will keep me an active alderman one who strives for perfection. There is no hidden agenda I want to represent my neighborhood.
I have the noblest of occupations ...I am a stay at home Dad.

Street noise

This is the new section of the web page detailing what you the residents have passed along to me.

  1. Slow down the traffic on Howard street. (Tues day Oct. 23 a young man was killed his high rate of speed was certainly to blame)
  2. Protect the Carlida Cranmore Arlington Road wetland against irresponsible development.
  3. Change street signs to match the rest of Melrose' street signs.
  4. Repair streets and remove trees that are damaging sidewalks and roads.
  5. Raise sense of community through out Melrose by holding more festivals or parades.
  6. Make the city budget more accountable and transparent giving the cities residents more insight into where their tax dollars are going.


I would love to hear from you!
Drop a note and let me know what you think needs to be done in Melrose. And I will post your ideas and comment to this web site.
I can be reached at the e-mail account

Thank you