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The Four Elements
Earth Air Fire Water

Painting for me is an evolution of experience and ideas. I try to work in small series that have, more often than not, very little to do with the previous. The next series is always like a nonlinear evolution. I like to think of some element in a past series spiraling my thoughts into something new and different.
My only personal restriction is that I work with six colors, I only buy the three primary colors and try to create the secondary colors by layering thin films of transparent paint.
These works are a large departure from my normal way of working. Instead of physically painting I am tracing digital photographs using a drawing program. Followed by the application of color based in my before mentioned preferences. These all looked very attractive but looked too much like the photographs.
The solution to making something different stemmed from traveling on trains and planes. The text or font faces seen partially cropped on a fellow passenger's newspaper made interesting shapes. I returned to the drawing program and began to chop apart various fonts faces to create a layer; to cover or hide the tracings. Windows or portholes were formed that curiously changed the viewers perspective and depth of field.

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