In all artistic creation the artist not only
creates his art,
but also uses his art to create.

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This statement from one of my catalogs is reflected in the production of this video. The video itself began as a film made at University in 1983. A series of images, captured on Super 8 film while strapped to the back or a racing motorcycle. This black and white film was then had colored with magic markers; thus leading to the very uneven textured markings. The original film was 10 minutes long and therefore had 3 million frames to color. Six months later I had the hand colored film transfered to color film. firstly to enhance the colors and secondly to make them permanent.
The final film footage was then transfered to video where more color evolution could take place.
There it sat in the video container for almost 18 years.

When I found the film it still had so much to do with my current photographic works. (all my photographs are black and white negatives colored by another process). In actuality the film was the root for the way I still work with my photography.

Anyways, with new digital technologies that I had no access to in 1983 I transfered the tape to digital format. Now I was able to once again enhance color and texture to the film. My only problem was the street image was no longer a theme in my work. So it ws significant to make a link to my current studio challenges. The most obvious was the rhythm. All my photographs have a rhythm created by the repetitionof single and double exposures. Many of my other projects were trying to link (as a theme) old works and new works (art creates art) or perhaps let my works weave a common cloth between digital and analog pieces. So the repetition or rhythm created by the stripes in the highway was too little to go with. I needed another link to current projects (water - four elements). Below is a photograph of the turbulent waters of the Seine. This photo passed as the missing link.
So back to the video editting and the various plug-ins they use for special effects. I had full intention with the beginning of the video to fit it with a dance music. However the music came afterwards I was thinking about dancing as I created and manipulated the swirl effect in the video.

Photo from Pont Neuf 2002

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